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About the Game

All That’s Left is a 3D linear puzzle-adventure game. You take control of Corious, a space-wandering tinkerer looking for signs of life, until his spaceship crashes on a deserted shattered world.
The core game loop consists of platforming as well as solving puzzles using little robots called minibots, which Corious discovers on the first level. The player is able to send out minibots at any time and take full control of them. The goal of the game is to reach the end of each level in order to pick up a new spaceship part to repair it.


This game is playable with keyboard & mouse as well as XInput controllers

If you do not own a XInput controller, you can use this emulator to play the game with your controller: https://github.com/x360ce/x360ce#readme

Action            | Keyboard     / Controller
Move Character    | WASD         / Left Stick
Move Camera       | Mouse        / Right Stick
Jump              | Spacebar     / A-button
Zoom              | Mouse Scroll / Triggers, Bumpers
Send out minibot  | LMB          / X-button
Hack              | E            / X-button
Bomb              | RMB          / B-button
Bounce            | LMB          / Y-button


The minibots have three unique abilites:




Who are we?

Instance Games an indie game developer that brought together two student teams to create a larger game like All That's Left. We wanted to create something that would push us to our limits within the time frame we had to develop this game and we are proud of the results. 
We have two mobile games released onto the Google Play store:
Necrox - Match 3 RPG - https://bit.ly/2JAnyKW
Helium Trip - Auto-scrolling arcade - https://bit.ly/2Qhsx3S

Other work from Pauli:



Will also be on Discord, join the server here:

Instance Games

Anthony Vanoostendorp - Project Manager, Artist
Teemu Niskanen        - Lead Artist
Nikolai Jonasson      - Artist
Vi Viro               - Artist
Teijo Lukkarinen      - Lead Programmer
Sami Sipari           - Programmer
Ville Heikkinen       - Programmer
Santeri Sivula        - Programmer
Pauli Ondruska        - Audio

Install instructions

Unzip (AKA Extract) the downloaded file to a location of your choosing.
After unzipping open "All That's Left" folder and double-click on "All That's Left.exe" to launch the game.

To change any keymapping settings, you must do it in the launcher that pops up when you double-click the executable.


All That's Left - Windows.zip 230 MB
All That's Left - MacOS.zip 240 MB

Development log


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The game was pretty good, a little drawn out but I will let the video speak for itself!

(Video will be up on 7/8/2019 at 3pm EST)

Thank you so much! Glad you liked our game. We definitely appreciate the feedback and the well- edited and well- paced video about our game! Keep up the amazing work on YouTube!  


I am happy to have played it! Thanks!


I loved it! Great character design !

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Thank you! Glad you enjoyed our game and liked the visual direction!

definitely! the protagonist looks great!!


Voici la fin de cette série / #3

Here is the end of this series / # 3

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Merci beaucoup! Thanks for playing our game and sharing the gameplay! 


Well it was professional seeming. Although I liked the music I am not sure it fitted the game. I'll go over the bad points (for me) first because unlike most people I feel like doing good then bad is stabbing someone in the back.

Bad (imo):

-Weird design choices: the explosion has a huge range and kills the old man but it is very easy to right click instead of left. Crucially you don't tell this to new players who will likely get frustrated losing because they pressed a wrong key not clearly outlined.

-No puzzle element - unless there is some past level 4: the levels are very linear and you need to hack EVERY console. There is no choice involved.

-Hard to feel like it's outer space with earth animals and earth clouds (if you look up). Could put a touch of effort into making the models alien looking.

-Sound FX seemed too exaggerated and the console hack animation was annoyingly long.


-Polished feeling

-Good music just doesn't fit

-No bugs afaik

-Good difficulty curve

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Voici la suite du jeu / #2

Here is the continuation of the game / # 2

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Le jeu est bien car la difficulté est progressive.

The game is super well done with difficulty



Thank you! Happy you enjoyed it!


great game, really love the style and the graphics that you put into this, here is my gameplay awesome game. Keep up the good work.

Thank you! We're happy you enjoyed our game, cheers! 


Really cool game! i've had a lots of fun playing it :) 

Have you considered participating in our GDWC #gamedev contest ? 

check out our itch.io page for more info :) 

Thank you, we have!


Curious, the style of this game looks like Ratchet & Clank meets Super Mario Galaxy.

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Those were the core influences we had in mind when establishing the look and functionality for our game.